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Isometric Warfare is Under Development By @AceXintense

Single Player

Core Gameplay

Isometric Warfare is a Game about how the Player can change / Evolve Planets with creating Industrial objects such as Mineral miner which mines Items such as Gold and Iron with these core materials you can make huge buildings such as the Power Plant that will give the Planet Energy. Players will be able to move to other planets and will be able to move resources across the universe which will enable the user to rule more Planets. Building items / objects will be one of the biggest things in the game that can make you either win or loose as when you build items / objects it will use resources. Resource control will be the most difficult to manage as you will want to build items but you might run out of a specific item / object so this means that you will have to get the Citizens to mine / explore the universe to find these items / objects or just destroy a building.


I am currently adding in Social Aspects into the Game such as Friends list and Twitch Streaming straight from the App its Self. The Friends system will work for when you want to invite them to your Universe and I will maybe Add a Chat System to.


Alpha will be Here when the main single player is working the way I want it to and Hopefully it wont be that long away.

Multiplayer (Under Development)

In Multiplayer there will be a Persistent Universe that when the host creates the World a Local copy will be created on the Users computer which means that all the data will be able to be used again when the user hosts the world.

Multiplayer will be similar to Single Player Except you will be able to share resources with friends which means you will be able to communicate with other players with sharing resources it enables users to use team work instead of going all alone in the universe.

Users will be able to Empire / Take over peoples planets so that means PVP will be allowed but will be adding a PVE Feature aswell meaning you will only be able to share instead of killing other players.

Users will be allowed to Name their planets accordingly to how they want it to be this gives online allot more creativity for users to create there own Story.


2015 - Alpha (This will be the main Stage of Game Development their will be allot of changes over this current year)

2016 First half - Beta (Beta will fix most of the Errors / Bugs in Alpha and will add some interesting items / objects / mechanics getting ready for release)

2016 Second / Third half - Release (Fix most if not all the bugs in Beta and finish up the game and get ready for Mod Support if I Add it and people want it)


Isometric Warfare will be continually Updated after Release to fix bugs and add items / objects / mechanics mostly from the Community.

Social Links

Twitter - https://twitter.com/AceXintense

Youtube - www.youtube.com/user/AceXIntense


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